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Wrong Site Surgery & Wrong Patient (Surgical Negligence)


Do you want to learn more about wrong site surgery and wrong patient surgical negligence? You’re in the right place. Watch the video below to learn more about wrong site, wrong-patient surgery, and wrong procedure instances.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:18 Wrong Site Surgery
1:01 Wrong Patient Surgery

One of the most egregious kinds of negligence is negligence that’s related to wrong site surgery. 

0:18 Wrong Procedure and Wrong Site Surgery

Wrong site surgery happens every year without fail and it should never occur. Wrong site surgery is 100% preventable and part of medical negligence. One of the ways that this has happened in the past and continues to happen is that surgeons are so busy that they should always know which patient they’re operating on, or be sure they’re operating on the correct patient. 

A Doctor could be doing five hernia repairs that day, and he just gets confused as to which patient is going to have a right inguinal hernia repair or which patient is going to have a left inguinal hernia repair. 

1:01 Wrong Patient Surgery

Many times, he’ll go into the operating room, the patient is already draped. They don’t even know which patient they’re operating on just by looking at the draped patient with only that site of the incision exposed.

Whether it’s operating on the wrong hernia, whether it’s removing the wrong organ, whether it’s operating on the wrong patient, these are the kinds of negligence which are inexcusable in a hospital setting. 

Doctors in the Courtroom, Fighting for the Injured in Medical Negligence Cases

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