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Nerve Damage From Surgery – Medical Malpractice Attorneys


Watch the video below to learn more about nerve damage from surgery from one of our medical malpractice attorneys.


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Video Transcript

Nerve Damage From Surgery – Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Nerve injuries associated with surgeries can cause devastating permanent disability. I’m going to give you an example. 

There’s a case that I had where a young man, he was probably about 40 years old, he had prostate cancer, and the treatment that he chose for the prostate cancer was laparoscopic, where they go in with a scope prostatectomy, where they take out the prostate gland and cancer. Well, to be correctly positioned, he had to be upside down virtually. He was on a table, but the table had to be tilted back at a steep angle. Just inexplicably, the doctors and anesthesiology department did not see fit to reposition him anytime during the six hours, seven-hour surgery. There was pressure; they had not put the pads on his arm properly and it was pressing on the brachiocephalic nerve of his right arm. After the surgery, this man could not move his right arm, and it was permanent. He literally had a piece of meat hanging off of his shoulder. He had a job in the field, he worked for a telephone company and no longer could work. 

It had a devastating impact on his life just because, you know, those people just didn’t give the record to this attention to correctly positioning his arm during the surgery. So that’s a real-life example. These are the kind of injuries you see sometimes, and I pray to God that nobody ever gets those. 

But if you or any of your family members undergo surgery and you come away with something you didn’t expect, at a minimum, allow somebody like me, an M.D., J.D., or somebody who’s got some kind of medical acumen and medical experience to look closely at the medical records to tell you what happened.

Most of our physician-attorneys are either current or past treating doctors in, collectively, a wide range of medical specialties. There is a good chance one or more of our physician attorneys have actually treated medical conditions similar to the ones from which you or your loved one now suffers. That translates into care and understanding as your Counselors, and know-how as your Advocates.



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