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Failure To Diagnose Birth Defects And Obstetric Complications


Would you like to learn more about failure to diagnose birth defects and obstetric complications? You’re in the right place. Watch our video below to learn about failure to diagnose birth defects and birth obstetric complication cases.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:38 Prenatal Screening
1:36 Financial Consequences

Failure to diagnose birth defects and complications of birth can be devastating in terms of their consequences. 

0:38 Failure To Diagnose Birth Defects And Obstetric Complications: Prenatal Screening

If a birth defect is not picked up and timely addressed, or if complications of delivery are likewise not timely addressed, especially now because of the extensive prenatal screenings that are now done, birth defects or at least evidence of them is virtually always obtainable prior to the birth of the baby. So it’s important to keep your prenatal appointments, particularly any blood testing or imaging studies that are ordered. 

From the standpoint of physicians, it’s important to carefully review the ultrasounds of the baby. Timely pickup of a birth defect perhaps antenatally (before a pregnant woman’s baby is born), could prevent damages related to that birth defect. So again, it’s very important that these be picked up early because they have lifelong consequences, which tend to make for extensive damages in a birth injury case.

1:36 Financial Consequences

We frequently utilize experts or life care planners to give us some idea of what the financial impact of a lifetime problem could be. It’s receiving medical treatment, perhaps medical devices, perhaps some ongoing procedure that may need to be performed on a periodic basis.

But again, these are cases when birth defects are missed or when obstetrical complications occur. If they are not picked up early, the lifetime consequence of these problems is devastating, not only on the individual, but also in the family, and the prevention is all in early detection.

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