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Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Lawyers

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Ventilators are often used when a patient is under sedation, unable to breathe on their own, or when under general anesthesia during surgery. It’s a common medical routine to aide a patient in breathing, however, it can sometimes result in complications.

Have you or a loved one been placed on a ventilator and ended up developing pneumonia? Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) can cause a serious infection or death. Money cannot heal or bring back your loved one, but ventilator-associated pneumonia attorneys at LawMD can give you the help you need to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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What Is Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia?

Ventilator-associated pneumonia is an infection that can develop in the lungs. A ventilator is a type of machine that provides the patient with oxygen through a tube inserted in the mouth or nose or, in some cases, through a hole in the neck.

Is Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Medical Negligence?

Each case is different, but the medical industry does have standards that discuss how people on ventilators should be positioned in an effort to minimize the risk of infection. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses developed a set of best practices that are supported by clinical studies. That being said, each medical malpractice claim must still meet the legal criteria for medical negligence.

Best practices to reduce the risk of VAP include:

  • Elevating the head at least 30 degrees (this helps keep liquid out of the lungs)
  • The use of an endotracheal tube in order to drain secretions
  • Regular changing of ventilator circuits
  • Brushing the teeth and gums of patients twice each day
  • Use an oral moisturizer and medical rinse twice each day

Do You Need Legal Assistance?

If you believe that you or your loved one’s ventilator-associated pneumonia was due to medical negligence, you may benefit by speaking to medical malpractice attorneys. Each case is different, so it’s important to have your claim evaluated by a competent legal team. Medical negligence can be extremely complex. Make sure that you document whether or not the medical team involved used the clinical best practices listed above.

Ventilator-associated pneumonia can cause death and serious personal injury. These types of claims have a statute of limitations. To protect your legal rights and your right to recover, talk to our attorneys right away.

Call LawMD; We Can Help

It is not easy to deal with the financial devastation that medical care or funerals create. LawMD can help. Our medical malpractice lawyers work side-by-side with doctors to quickly evaluate your claim. In fact, many of our attorneys are also licensed, board-certified medical professionals. We can advocate for your rights and help you get the justice you deserve if you have a medical malpractice claim. We provide free case evaluations for all our clients.

Additionally, LawMD provides services on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t pay us a dime upfront. We will only get paid if we take your case and successfully litigate or settle it on your behalf. Don’t take on the hospital on your own; let us help.

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    Most of our physician-attorneys are either current or past treating doctors in, collectively, a wide range of medical specialties. There is a good chance one or more of our physician attorneys have actually treated medical conditions similar to the ones from which you or your loved one now suffers. That translates into care and understanding as your Counselors, and know-how as your Advocates.


    Any honest medical malpractice attorney will tell you that one of the greatest expenses in a medical malpractice case is having to pay physician experts to study the details of the medical issues in your case and, if necessary, provide testimony at deposition and trial. While even our physician attorneys may also need to hire outside medical experts for your case, our medical know-how allows us to perform a significant amount of the medical analysis necessary for your case in-house which may translate into significant savings at the conclusion of your case.


    Because we have in-house medical know-how, we can evaluate the medical questions in your case and provide answers without a lengthy wait. Our internal process involves getting the issues in your case quickly in front of the right physician attorney who, based on his or her medical experience and training, is most likely to have the answers you seek about whether you have a case and how we might help you get the compensation you deserve to help secure a brighter future for you and for your loved ones.

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