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What Constitutes A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?


“What constitutes a medical malpractice lawsuit?” is a common question our medical malpractice lawyers hear all the time.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:17 What Makes A Good Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Case?
0:47 A Case The Jury Can Understand

The question is, what makes a good case? These cases are all difficult because they’re all technical, they all require expert witnesses.

0:17 What Makes A Good Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Case?

What makes a good medical malpractice case is an attorney/expert witness that can explain medical facts to a jury in a way that they will understand and appreciate the carelessness that was involved. If the ideas are too technical such as the indicators on an EKG,  the abnormalities on an EEG, or some finding on an MRI x-ray, that’s not intuitive to anybody other than somebody who’s trained in those particular specialties.

0:47 A Case The Jury Can Understand

A good negligence case is one that you can explain to the jurors in a way that they can understand and appreciate the difference between the truth and testimony that’s proven false. That’s what, in my mind, makes a good medical malpractice case. Of course, it also has to have the other elements of causation and damages.

If you think you have a case, I’d be happy to review it, tell you what I think, and give you my honest opinion.

At LawMD, our physician-attorneys are committed to supporting families who have been devastated by malpractice. As doctors, we understand the medicine in your case. As lawyers, we know how to use our medical knowledge to get justice for our clients. Over 12 of our lawyers are also physicians.  LawMD is the right medicine for justice. If you or your loved one has been permanently or seriously injured due to negligence, contact the team of medical malpractice lawyers at  LawMD.com.  LawMD is the right medicine for justice.  It’s just that simple.



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