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Issues That Can Arise With Prescription Medications


Watch our video to learn more about issues that can arise with prescription medications and prescription malpractice cases.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
1:00 Issues With Prescription Medication
1:50 Signs Of Problems With Medication

Well hello everyone. My name is Jack Snyder, and I am trained, licensed, and experienced as both an attorney and a physician.  In that context, I’m going to talk to you today about some issues that are really near and dear to my heart, that have to do with the world of drugs. Most people around the country know me as somebody who knows something about drugs and helps other people learn and know what they need to know about how to deal with drugs. 

1:00 Issues With Prescription Medication

So the first thing I want to share with you is a few scenarios that you may have encountered along the way, either in your own life personally or professionally, or maybe among your family members.  What we want to talk about is medications and the problems that sometimes can arise when people have prescribed medications or are otherwise exposed to a variety of substances in our world.

Most of you are aware that medication-related treatments are very common today in just about every aspect of healthcare, and when it comes to medicines, some of them are prescribed, some of them are not. When we talk about prescription drugs today, we can encounter a host of issues that you may or may not have confronted or considered.

1:50 Signs Of Problems With Medication

For example, do you think you’ve ever been given too much of a particular medication? Do you ever think that you’ve been given the wrong or incorrect dose of medication? Maybe you’ve even been given the wrong medication. Maybe it was improperly labeled or you thought maybe there was some kind of problem with the packaging or the way the product was dispensed to you. Sometimes medicines are given the wrong way. Sometimes they’re taken orally when they were supposed to be injected in one way or another. Sometimes you’re given medicine and it’s habit-forming and nobody told you that, or you certainly didn’t expect that that medication might lead to some dependence on your part on that medication. Maybe you’ve been prescribed medicine or someone in your family has taken medicine and it led to an unexpected effect or an undesirable effect. Maybe someone took medicine and developed a skin rash all over their body or maybe they developed some unanticipated or unexpected kidney problems or they lost all their hair or they started bleeding in ways that they weren’t anticipating that they would do. Sometimes folks take medicines but they also eat or drink other things. Sometimes it’s about the food they take in or the beverages that they consume, and maybe sometimes there are some interactions between those medications and the other beverages that might be consumed or the food that might be consumed. 

So just trying to give you an idea of some of the areas in which problems can arise, and what folks like myself are in the business of serving as consultants, lawyers, attorneys, and physicians we can help you understand what it is that you may or may not have experienced.

We can give you some ideas as to whether or not you should proceed in any way because you think you’ve been harmed in some way. So these are some of the topics that I’d like to cover with you in more detail.

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Drug mix-ups and medication mistakes have become more common in recent years. As the baby boomer generation nears retirement age, a growing number of people are turning to pharmaceuticals to treat medical conditions, extend their lifespan, and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in medication errors.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a doctor or pharmacist’s medication-related negligence, don’t wait to seek help.



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