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How Do You Know If You Have A Case For Medical Malpractice?


A common question we’re asked all the time is, “How do I know I have a case for medical malpractice?” Our resident medical malpractice attorney will help you navigate this concern.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:21 Medical Malpractice
2:13 Consult with a Qualified Attorney

0:21 Medical Malpractice

How does a potential client know they have a case for medical malpractice? 

It is very difficult for the average layman to know whether they have a case. They suspect they have a case, they know they’ve got the injury, they know that there’s been a delay, they know that there’s a result that has been unsatisfactory, but is there a breach in the standard of care that caused the damages?

Most potential clients who feel they were injured by doctors and nurses, really cannot on their own make that determination. It requires a great deal of expertise to understand what’s called the breach in the standard of care. A bad result does not by itself mean that there was negligence. In fact, most bad results are not due to negligence. Unfortunately, a substantial number of them are.

I think the only real way is to consult with a qualified attorney who has knowledge and experience in the medical malpractice area and let them review the case. They may need to consult with a doctor in the particular specialties involved to know whether there’s been a  breach in the standard of care. As a physician attorney I don’t think that in most cases, most potential clients can make that determination on their own.

What a client might think was a negligent act might not be the one that caused the damages. It really behooves the client, if the client thinks that they may have a case to find a qualified attorney to investigate the incident.

2:13 Consult with a Qualified Attorney

I don’t know of any attorneys in my area who charge a client to review a case and at LawMD there is an initial free consultation. I think that every client who thinks they’ve been injured because of shoddy medical care and inadequate medical care should seek out a qualified attorney who has a great deal of experience in the area of medical negligence.  At LawMD we have more than 12 Lawyers who are also physicians.

Once again, you have an obligation to yourself, to your spouse, to your children to investigate it because they are going to suffer along with the client if there’s been a severe adverse outcome.

If you have a question in this area, if you want to just run a case by us, just give us a call at (833) MY-LawMD. We’ll be happy to listen and give you our honest opinions regarding your medical malpractice case.



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