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Failure To Diagnose Chronic Health Conditions, Such As Diabetes


How to handle failure to diagnose chronic health conditions cases, such as diabetes? Watch the video below to learn how to approach failure to diagnose diabetes cases.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:16 Failure to Diagnose Chronic Health Conditions: Chronic Conditions
2:17 Failure To Diagnose Chronic Health Conditions:  Diagnosis

I was asked a question about the failure to diagnose chronic health conditions, specifically failure to diagnose diabetes cases. 

0:16 Failure To Diagnose Chronic Health Conditions: Chronic Conditions

These would be conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, which essentially translates into high cholesterol for lack of a better term. You could add chronic obstructive lung disease, which is essentially emphysema that we see in many long-term smokers. These are illnesses that aren’t like a catastrophic auto accident, a very aggressive cancer, or a trauma sustained through a fall or other accident. These are chronic health issues that arise generally either as a consequence of bad luck, genetics, and sometimes related to lifestyle. 

Diabetes is frequently family linked, although I can be related to significant obesity, chronic obstructive lung disease is usually smoking-related, and high cholesterol is to some degree genetic, but also related to how much fat you take in your diet. They cause problems generally only when they’ve seen ignored over a long period of time.

It’s a two-sided issue because the doctor has to make the initial diagnosis, and the patient thereafter has to also participate aggressively in their own treatment. You have to treat diabetes daily, the same typically with high cholesterol, and the same with chronic obstructive lung disease. 

The key is for doctors to keep an eye on the labs. Doctors should keep an eye on pulmonary function in the case of long-term smokers, keep an eye on the diet of your patient and be sure your blood sugars are checked regularly if you’re diabetic.

2:17  Diagnosis

The doctor’s chief responsibility is going to be making a timely diagnosis. If you go to see a physician and you have sugar in your urine or perhaps your blood sugar is high or you have an elevated hemoglobin, A1c in the case of diabetes, and you’re not made aware of this di ease for a prolonged period and you suffer damages related to those symptoms, there too you may have a case.

Probably, more importantly, is as a patient, be sure to always, always continue your treatment. It demands a lot of dedication, you have to stay with the program, and be sure you see your doctor.

If you or your loved one has been permanently or seriously injured due to the failure of your doctors in diagnosing diabetes of a common health condition such as diabetes, emphysema, or high cholesterol contact the Medical-Legal team at LawMD.

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