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Failure To Detect Mental Illness


Failure to detect mental illness can be a huge problem for many people. Watch our video below to learn more about self-harm malpractice cases from our medical malpractice lawyers and doctors.


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Failure to DIagnose Mental Illness


Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:39 Failure to Detect Mental Illness: Mental Health Assessment
1:14 Failure To Diagnose

Mental illness is a little bit different than physical illness and the masters of that domain are the psychologist and the psychiatrist. I think I’d feel safe saying that they would tell you that it sometimes takes more than one visit to really delineate what’s going on with a patient that has a mental illness.

0:39 Failure to Detect Mental Illness: Mental Health Assessment

The key is that you really have to be cautious in the realm of ill mental illness.  First is that the patient doesn’t hurt someone else, and two, that the patient doesn’t hurt themselves. You have to realize there’s a significant liability if a patient is being seen about a mental illness, maybe there’s some delay or maybe there’s controversy as to what that patient is suffering from, and then they’ll go out and commit some heinous act. 

1:14 Failure To Diagnose

If you are a victim of those types of crimes, then you may have a cause of action against a health care provider. The key is that the mental health professional must make the correct diagnosis, must do it timely, guard against the patient hurting themselves or a third party, and then follow the results of the treatment to assure that they continue to do well and they would not be better served by a change in medication.

If your family has been affected by a mental illness, you deserve more than just answers—you deserve full and fair compensation. The dedicated Physician Attorneys at LawMD are nationally recognized for their work. We help families across the United States; let us help yours.

If you or your loved one has been permanently or seriously injured due to medical negligence in a mentally ill patient, contact the Medical-Legal team at LawMD.

More than 10 of our medical malpractice lawyers are also physicians.

For serious injuries and self-harm malpractice cases, LawMD is the right medicine for justice.



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