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Delay in Performing a C-Section – C-Section Birth Injuries


Do you want to learn more about the problems resulting from a delay in performing a c-section? Stick around as our delayed c-section attorneys walk you through c-section birth injuries.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:13 Delayed C-Section Birth Injuries Overview
0:40 Space Of Time Where Injury Can Occur
1:40 Qualified Physician-Attorneys At LawMD

This is Dr. Franҫois Blaudeau with LawMD, a group of delayed c-section lawyers. I’m an OBGYN doctor and lawyer. I wanted to talk to you all today about a delay in performing Cesarean sections.

0:13 Delayed C-Section Birth Injuries Overview

So if during the course of labor, a woman makes a decision that she doesn’t think the labor is going well, or she’s uncomfortable, she’s scared that her baby’s not doing well and she makes a decision she wants to proceed with a Cesarean section, sometimes there’s a delay in performing that C-Section.

0:40 Space Of Time Where Injury Can Occur

And sometimes during the course of that delay, there may be some injury that occurs to the baby. If you’re in a situation where you had a long labor and you got to a point where you just thought your baby wasn’t doing well, you weren’t doing well, you wanted to go ahead with the C-Section and the C-Section wasn’t done at that time or it was delayed, and then eventually you ended up having to have some kind of emergency C-Section because the baby didn’t do well and crashed and had low Apgar scores at birth and may have had a hypoxic or decreased oxygen event causing C-section birth injuries, then that’s a case that our delayed c-section lawyers at LawMD would like to look at.

1:40 Qualified Physician-Attorneys At LawMD

We believe patient autonomy is an important thing. And we believe physicians ought to talk with their patients and listen to their patients. And if you feel like during the course of your labor, you asked for a Caesarean section and the doctor refused to do it, and then ultimately ended up doing the C-Section hours later, with a bad outcome for your baby, we’d like to look at those records and look at that case with you and see if we can help. Thank you.



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