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Can A Brain Bleed Heal Itself? – Bleeding in the Brain


“Can a brain bleed heal itself?” is often a question that comes up. Watch our video below to learn more about bleeding in the brain and healing a brain bleed.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:37 Can A Brain Bleed Heal Itself? – Cases Of Intracranial Hemorrhage

Brain bleeds in premature babies are not like bleeding from your arm if you happen to get a cut, so healing a brain bleed is very involved. We can’t go in and actually stop the bleeding in the brain of a newborn.

0:37 Can A Brain Bleed Heal Itself? – Cases Of Intracranial Hemorrhage

What we can do to make sure that this bleeding stops as quickly as possible is to do a bunch of tests on the baby to determine for example, if their bleeding is coming from an abnormality of their blood. For example, if their platelets, which help to stop bleeding from occurring are very very low, then we can replace the platelets or if they don’t have an adequate amount of clotting substances in their blood, then we can provide them with some of the clotting substances.

As I said you can’t go in there and do anything from a surgical standpoint to stop the bleeding. It usually stops on its own. How much bleeding occurs before it stops is really up to the particular condition of the baby.

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