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Cosmetic surgery has come a long way since the very first modern plastic surgery procedures performed in the 1960s. Although cosmetic surgery’s origins are much deeper than that, most people associate cosmetic procedures with face lifts, tummy tucks, and other so-called “vanity” procedures.

What few people realize is that cosmetic surgery is routinely used to vastly improve a person’s mobility, quality of life, and self-esteem. Far from being reserved for celebrities and high income individuals, cosmetic surgeries are performed on people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. You don’t have to be rich and famous to benefit from plastic surgery. In fact, the majority of cosmetic procedures involve ordinary, hard-working people.

Unfortunately, like any surgical procedure, plastic surgery is not foolproof. Mistakes can and do occur, resulting in serious injuries, complications, and disfigurement. In severe cases, victims of plastic surgery malpractice suffer fatal complications. When a plastic surgeon fails to uphold the standard of care, victims and their families can pursue rightful compensation in the form of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

If you or someone you care about suffered harm due to a plastic surgery error, contact us for a free consultation. Call our Washington, D.C. plastic surgery error lawyers at (888) 695-2963.

The Benefits & Risks of Plastic Surgery

There is no question that cosmetic surgery can drastically improve a person’s life. In many cases, plastic surgery is used to correct a life-threatening medical condition.

Cleft palate repair procedures can be life-changing for children born with correctable deformities. And women who have undergone mastectomies often turn to cosmetic surgery to restore bodies ravaged by cancer. Cosmetic procedures are also therapeutic for individuals injured in animal attacks, fires, and car accidents.

However, plastic surgery is still surgery. Like any other medical procedure, it is not without risks. Although most cosmetic procedures are extremely safe, accidents can still happen. Patients can suffer serious injuries due to a surgeon’s mistake or incompetence. In the most tragic cases, a patient dies during a cosmetic procedure.

We Stand Up for Medical Malpractice Victims

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a plastic surgery error, you deserve the same care and consideration as any other type of medical malpractice victim. Just because you were harmed during a cosmetic procedure does not mean your case is somehow less valid.

At LawMD, our medical malpractice lawyers are known for championing the rights of people who have suffered injuries due to plastic surgery errors. From the moment we meet with you at your initial consultation, we begin exploring the best strategy for your case. Our goal is to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation available. Although money can’t undo what you have been through, it can help ease the financial burden of medical bills, lost wages, and future medical care.

Cosmetic surgeons are held to the same standard of care as other physicians and surgeons. Because many of our lawyers are also physicians, we have an in-depth understanding of medical malpractice and the standard of care. Our trial lawyers have decades of experience holding doctors accountable for their actions. If you have been hurt during a cosmetic procedure, we can help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Get Compensation for Your Plastic Surgery Error

People undergo cosmetic procedures to improve their lives. The last thing they expect is to emerge from a surgery or procedure with serious or lasting health problems.

The injuries caused by a plastic surgery error can affect a patient on many levels. Victims of plastic surgery mistakes often deal with physical pain, emotional trauma, and mental anguish. A plastic surgery error can even affect an individual’s ability to work, maintain a personal relationship, or simply enjoy life.

Most of us have seen stories about celebrities who have suffered physical injuries and disfigurement due to plastic surgery mishaps. These cases can and do happen to people at all income levels. The bottom line is that no one deserves to deal with the aftermath of a cosmetic surgery mistake. At LawMD, we work tirelessly to make sure you don’t have to.

Our Washington, D.C. plastic surgery error attorneys are known throughout the country as some of the most prominent medical malpractice practitioners in the field. Because many of our team members are also doctors and clinical practitioners, we know what it takes to win medical malpractice cases.

Call us today to discuss your case with our experienced medical malpractice attorneys. You can reach us by phone at (888) 695-2963. You can also get in touch with us through our online contact form. Schedule your free consultation today.




    Most of our physician-attorneys are either current or past treating doctors in, collectively, a wide range of medical specialties. There is a good chance one or more of our physician attorneys have actually treated medical conditions similar to the ones from which you or your loved one now suffers. That translates into care and understanding as your Counselors, and know-how as your Advocates.


    Any honest medical malpractice attorney will tell you that one of the greatest expenses in a medical malpractice case is having to pay physician experts to study the details of the medical issues in your case and, if necessary, provide testimony at deposition and trial. While even our physician attorneys may also need to hire outside medical experts for your case, our medical know-how allows us to perform a significant amount of the medical analysis necessary for your case in-house which may translate into significant savings at the conclusion of your case.


    Because we have in-house medical know-how, we can evaluate the medical questions in your case and provide answers without a lengthy wait. Our internal process involves getting the issues in your case quickly in front of the right physician attorney who, based on his or her medical experience and training, is most likely to have the answers you seek about whether you have a case and how we might help you get the compensation you deserve to help secure a brighter future for you and for your loved ones.

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