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What to Do If You Suffered Medical Negligence in a Hospital

Although medical malpractice can happen in any situation involving a healthcare provider—like a physician, nurse, or another practitioner—unfortunately, far too many cases of medical malpractice happen inside a hospital. When this occurs, you may be entitled to recover compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim. Anyone who has been a victim of medical malpractice should consult with our experienced attorneys sooner rather than later. Our Baltimore hospital malpractice lawyers can evaluate the legal facts of the case and advise the client about recommended steps going forward.

When malpractice happens in a hospital, it becomes all the more important for a victim to consider working with an experienced law firm. The lawyers and insurance companies working on behalf of the doctor’s defense will probably have extensive experience in this field, and any victim should also have someone advocating on their behalf.

Our experienced attorneys can serve in many key roles in a malpractice case, and the lawyer should be identified as soon as possible in order to fight for the victim’s needs. A victim is usually facing a significant change to their life after an incident like this, so getting legal help immediately is imperative.

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Reasons to Hire Our Experienced Malpractice Attorneys

A medical malpractice law firm who has handled situations like this before will likely have extensive knowledge about how these cases tend to move through the court system. Medical malpractice cases occur whenever a patient is harmed by any medical professional. The medical professional must have failed to provide appropriate healthcare treatment. The majority of medical malpractice cases have to do with errors such as misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, failure to treat, prescription errors, or surgical mistakes.

What Is Hospital Malpractice?

A patient must have suffered an injury as a result of a doctor failing to uphold the appropriate duty of care. A medical provider in a hospital malpractice case must have been negligent in some way. This means that he or she was not competent or reasonably skillful and that such incompetence led the patient to suffer injuries.

Some of the most common hospital medical malpractice claims are outlined below:

  • Delayed Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis: Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis account for a large portion of medical malpractice complaints. When a doctor fails to diagnose a critical condition for some time or misdiagnoses that condition, the patient may miss out on treatment opportunities that could have prevented death or serious injury. The key in proving a hospital malpractice claim based on this involves evaluating what the doctor did not or did do and how a competent doctor within the same specialty would have reacted.
  • Birth Injuries: An alarming number of fetal injuries and the resulting disabilities caused by medical malpractice such as fractured bones, brain injuries, Klumpke’s palsy, and Erb’s palsy. These could be caused by negligence during child birth such as failing to anticipate birth complications, failing to respond to fetal distress signs, or incompetently using a vacuum extractor or forceps. Negligent prenatal care could also lead to birth injuries. In the event that any negligent medical treatment is provided over the course of pregnancy, it could harm the mother or the fetus. Some of the most common examples of negligent prenatal care include failing to identify birth defects or failing to diagnose a medical condition of the mother, like preeclampsia.
  • Anesthesia Errors: Anesthesia mistakes can lead to more grave consequences than any other kind of surgery mistake. These may involve failing to investigate possible complications in the patient’s medical history or failing to inform the patient of the appropriate risks involved. Other surgical errors may include operating on the wrong body part, puncturing internal organs, or leaving surgical instruments in the body.
  • Medication Errors: Medication errors harm an alarming number of Americans every single year. These can happen if the wrong medication is prescribed or if a medication dosage is incorrect. In a hospital setting, the right medication may also be given to the wrong patient.

Unfortunately, cases of hospital malpractice can compromise the life and well-being of affected patients. If this applies to you, do not hesitate to reach out to our Baltimore hospital malpractice lawyers today. Getting help from someone who understands this time-sensitive situation is important.

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    Most of our physician-attorneys are either current or past treating doctors in, collectively, a wide range of medical specialties. There is a good chance one or more of our physician attorneys have actually treated medical conditions similar to the ones from which you or your loved one now suffers. That translates into care and understanding as your Counselors, and know-how as your Advocates.


    Any honest medical malpractice attorney will tell you that one of the greatest expenses in a medical malpractice case is having to pay physician experts to study the details of the medical issues in your case and, if necessary, provide testimony at deposition and trial. While even our physician attorneys may also need to hire outside medical experts for your case, our medical know-how allows us to perform a significant amount of the medical analysis necessary for your case in-house which may translate into significant savings at the conclusion of your case.


    Because we have in-house medical know-how, we can evaluate the medical questions in your case and provide answers without a lengthy wait. Our internal process involves getting the issues in your case quickly in front of the right physician attorney who, based on his or her medical experience and training, is most likely to have the answers you seek about whether you have a case and how we might help you get the compensation you deserve to help secure a brighter future for you and for your loved ones.

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